Versos resueltos (Resolute Verses)

Javier Rojo

“Versos resueltos” (Resolute Verses)


Side of Calle Sauce

The mural shows green and blue leafs surrounded by coloured stars where the verses of the Lullaby of the onion poem are reflected.


The onion is frost,
closed and poor:
frost of your days
and of my nights.
Hunger and onion:
black ice and
big, round frost.

In the cradle of hunger
my child lay.
With onion blood
he was suckled.
But your blood,
frosted with sugar,
onion and hunger.

A dark-haired woman,
in the shape of the moon,
spills out thread by thread
over the cradle.
Laugh, child,
drink the moon
when you need to.