YEAR 2014

The third edition of the San Isidro Murals was held on March 28th, 29thand 30th2014. This time, 42 murals were painted that enriched the catalogue of the only outdoor music devoted to Miguel Hernández. Painter Eva Ruiz took charge of reading the painters’ manifesto and Jesucristo Riquelme the poets’.

Orihuela’s San Isidro district was for three days full of cultural events, exhibitions, street music, theatre performances, radio talk shows, poetry workshops, recitals and concerts.

2014 saw the creation of two collective murals. The first was titled Las mujeres en la vida de Miguel Hernández and pays tribute to the prominent women who were involved in the life of Miguel Hernández, like Carmen Conde, María Zambrano, Maruja Mallo, María Cegarra and the poet’s wife, Josefina Manresa.

Important graffiti artists, while offering a master class to the attending public, created the second collective mural.

Painters such as Eva Ruiz, Fabiola Andreu, Álvaro Belmonte, Kike Payá, Teodomiro, Ana Leonís, Isabel Aparicio or Javier Agulló, among others, gathered in San Isidro for the occasion. Orihuela’s associations, entities, schools and high schools also took part, united in their homage to the figure and works of Miguel Hernández.