YEAR 2016

The fifth edition of the San Isidro murals concentrated on the restoration of the works of previous editions that had deteriorated with the passage of time. Nevertheless, new pictures were also painted, such as the Collective Mural designed by the curators of this edition, painters Fabiola Andreu and Eva Ruiz, with the help of Más Vida and Orihuela 2m10 cultural association. The mural they created, titled “Tristes guerras”, has become a lamentationabout the expatriation, martyrdom and injustices suffered by thousands of people due to conflicts in their countries.

Over the weekend of April 1stto 3rd2016, visitors and painters had the opportunity to enjoy musical shows, children’s workshops, storytelling, the 18th edition of Mercadearte, with the participation of 60 artisans and artists from Orihuela, a guided and theatrical visit with the “La Nena Crea” group, the enactment of “La maleta de Miguel” by TeatroExpresiónand a very long list of leisure and cultural activities.

Painter Ximo Canet was in charge of reading the painters’ manifesto, and poet, author and theatre director Atanasio Díez read the poets’ manifesto.