Between March 31stand April 2nd2017, the San Isidro district incorporated 30 new facades. Again, several associations gathered in Orihuela, such as Cuadernos Viajeros, Más Vida, Clara Campoamor Women’s Association, Orihuela 2m10 Cultural Association, ADIS Vega Baja, Vega Baja Acoge and Oriol Occupation Centre, among others.

Talented painters such as Álvaro Belmonte, Fabiola Andreu, Alfonso Ortuño, Eva Ruiz, Quique, Federico Chico, Charo Ortiz, Diego Sueño, Ana Leonís and a very long list of others gathered at the event.

The San Isidro murals were opened to the public on March 31st by the teachers and students of the Jesus María de San Isidro school. Afterwards, the 2017 Collective Mural, a creation of Orihuela Arts and Design School (ESADO), was presented.

Over the weekend there were different activities organised, such as the collective exhibition Tres by Oriol Occupational Centre, poetry readings, music parades, children workshops, painting, music, theatre, poetry, exhibitions, the concerts of GNC91 and Cinco Sentidos, a performance by Teatro Expresión of La maleta de Miguel, storytelling, theatrical tours, a flamenco recital by Nicolás Pelegrín and Andrés Hernández, and a new edition of Mercadearte on the morning of April 2nd, with the participation of artists and artisans from Orihuela.

The novelty in 2017 with regard to San Isidro Murals was the concert of Kiko Veneno in the district (Plaza de la Ermita) and the special illumination of the murals on the night of April 1st. Saturday night with its special illumination was the Murals Night, where hundreds of people enjoyed musical shows along the way and the performance of actors and actresses representing Federico García Lorca, Maruja Mallo, Rafael Alberti, Pablo Neruda and Vicente Aleixandre.