Niños pintando (Children Painting)

Isabel Aparicio

“Niños pintando” (Children Painting)



Orihuela painter Isabel Aparicio designed this mural in the spring of 2013 as a tribute to Miguel Hernández. The illustration shows children composing their own murals in the memory of the poet. On the left, a girl writes on the mural some verses of the Lullaby of the onion poem.


Lark of my house,
keep laughing.
The smile in your eyes
is the light of the world.
Laugh so much
that when it hears you
space beats in my soul.

Your laughter makes me free,
gives me wings.
It relieves me of solitude,
tears away my prison.
Mouth that flies,
heart that on your lips
is a flash of lightning.

Your laughter is the most
victorious of swords.
Conqueror of flowers
and of larks.
Rival of the sun,
future of my bones
and of my love.