“Like a Bull I was born”

Ismael Belmonte; Juan Miguel Rodríguez; Nicasio Cañaveras; Teófilo López

“Like a Bull I was born”



This drawing of a fighting bull was chosen by the authors to pay tribute to Miguel Hernández and his poetry that humanises the animal and its character.


Like a bull I was born to grieve
and to suffer, like a bull I am marked
by an infernal iron on my side
and as a male by a fruit in my groin.

Like a bull my outsize heart
finds everything tiny,
and in love with the face of a kiss,
like a bull I challenge your love for it.

Like a bull I grow with punishment,
my tongue is bathed in heart’s blood
and around my neck I bear a noisy storm.

Like a bull I follow you and keep on following you,
and you leave my desire on a sword,
like a bull, tricked, like a bull.