Elegy to Miguel Hernández


“Elegy to Miguel Hernández”



Lorenzo pays tribute to Miguel Hernández and his deep and beautiful poem Elegy to Ramon Sijé. A simple blue background, fig tree branches and leafs, and an open book with a love heart are the elements used by the painter.

(In Orihuela, his town and mine, death has taken from me,
as if struck by lightning, Ramón Sijé, with whom I shared so much love.)

I want to be, crying, the peasant
that works the earth you occupy and fertilise,
companion of my soul, so soon.

My grief without instrument feeds
the rains, makes horns and organs sound,
and to the dispirited poppies

I will give your heart as food.
So much pain gathers in my side,
that it even pains me to breathe.

A hard slap, a frozen blow,
an invisible and murderous stroke of the axe,
a brutal shove has brought you down.

There is nothing longer than my wound,
I weep for all my misfortunes
and I feel more for your death than for my own life.