Laugh, Child and Drink the Moon when you need to

Andrés López

“Laugh, Child and Drink the Moon when you need to”



This pretty mural by Andrés López was one of the most photographed by the families with small children who climb up the stairs. The mural shows a child going up a ladder and reaching a Moon with the face of Miguel Hernández. Murcia painter Andrés López used as a metaphor the beautiful poem written by the poet to his son while in jail after receiving a letter from his wife where she told him that they only had bread and onions to eat (Lullaby of the Onion).

A dark-haired woman,
in the shape of the moon,
spills out thread by thread
over the cradle.
Laugh, child,
drink the moon
when you need to.

Lark of my house,
keep laughing.
The smile in your eyes
is the light of the world.
Laugh so much
that when it hears you
space beats in my soul.

Your laughter makes me free,
gives me wings.
It relieves me of solitude,
tears away my prison.
Mouth that flies,
heart that on your lips
is a flash of lightning.