Sino Bloody

María José Cortés Piñero (Author) and Julia Aledo; Carmen García (Collaborators)

“Sino Bloody”



In the mural the author tries to explain through a surrealist representation, the feeling of pain for a tragic fate of the poet (who logically manifests his political ideas and ambiguities, in which the author of the mural, does not enter). Like a bull when it comes to the ring and his only liberation is death. For this he uses a series of symbols, where the poppies embody the blood, the snake that surrounds the full moon, ending in a broken chain that turns into a worm that crawls into its hole, would be an allegory to fertilization, to a life whose sole purpose is death, chained for life to death, but in turn liberation with that death, which brings him to earth and again heaven.
It belongs to “Poemas Sueltos III”, from the stage “El Rayo que no Cesa” by Miguel Hernández.

“I come from blood in blood,
like the sea of wave in wave
of poppy color the soul I have,
of poppy without luck is my destiny,
and I get poppy in poppy
to give in the goring of my fate.

Creature there was wine
from the sowing of nothing,
and came more than one
under the design of an angry star
in a turbulent and bad moon “