Because I am like a Chopped Tree

Asociación Más Vida

“Because I am like a Chopped Tree”



Asociación Más Vida supports people affected by cancer and has taken part in several editions of the San Isidro Murals. In 2015, a chopped tree brings us Miguel Hernández’s verses from one of his most recited and sung compositions: For Feedom, A song to Dreams, Hope and Life.


For freedom I bleed, fight and live on.
For freedom, my eyes and my hands,
like a carnal tree, generous and captive,
I give to the surgeons.

For freedom I feel more hearts
than sands in my chest. My veins give off foam
and I enter the hospitals and I go into the cotton sheets
as into the white lilies.

Because where empty eye sockets dawn,
she will place two rocks looking to the future
and make that new arms and new legs grow
in the fallen flesh.

The relics of my body that I lose in each wound
will sprout wings of sap without an autumn.
Because I am like a chopped tree, I will sprout
and I still have my life.