It is a Quarter to the Hour of my Moon

Chon P.; Parreño; J.M. Baza

“It is a Quarter to the Hour of my Moon”



This small sized mural represents a bullfighter while stabbing banderillas on a bull. Between them, the Moon. In the first poetry book by Miguel Hernández Expert in Moons there are two poems about bullfighting. One of them, Bull, is a precious real octave from which the painters have picked the verse “La hora es de mi luna menos cuarto” and depicted it in their work.

All for glory, all for glory, you bullfighters!
It is a quarter to the hour of my moon.
Foolish mimics of the lizard,
burnish your backs with colours.
I am an arrow, ready to fire myself
at the picadors, with the bow of my horns.
All for glory, if I do not first anchor you
– on a bay of sand – with my golden moustaches!