Sentimientos (Feelings)

Asociación de Mujeres para la Libertad y la Vida

“Sentimientos” (Feelings)


Side of Calle Sauce 6


Happiness, love, fear, pain, courage, strength, hope… These feelings, on red love hearts, are expressed by the association Mujeres para la Libertad y la Vida in their tribute mural to Miguel Hernández. The poem Last Song escorts this emotion loaded work.

Painted, not empty:
my house is painted
in the colour of the great
sufferings and misfortunes.

It will return from the weeping
to which it was carried off
with its deserted table
with its dilapidated bed.

Kisses will flower
on the pillows.
And around the bodies
the sheet will twist
like a climbing plant of the night,
intense and perfumed.

Hatred will be muffled
behind the window.

The claw will be gentle.

Allow me this hope.