Wretched Wars

Asociación Cultural Orihuela 2m10 and Más Vida

“Wretched Wars”



Painter/sculptor Fabiola Andreu designed this mural together with Asociación Cultural Orihuela 2m10 and Más Vida. Wretched Wars is a poem by Miguel Hernández that rebels against the wars that shock the world and their consequences: exile, fight for survival… But it is also a song to hope, shelter and respect. The picture is full of scenes of diverse emotions, all of them caused by armed conflicts.


Wretched wars
if not fought for love.
Wretched. Wretched.
Wretched weapons
if they are not words.
Wretched. Wretched.
Wretched men
if they do not die of love.
Wretched. Wretched.