Llevamos un mundo nuevo (We carry a New World)

Álvaro Belmonte; Miguel López; Mayte López; Dani Muñoz; Aarón Hernández

“Llevamos un mundo nuevo” (We carry a New World)


Between Calle Algarrobo and Calle Almendro

This eye-catching mural designed by Álvaro Belmonte and executed in cooperation with a group of artists, portrays the intensity of the Republican fight during the Civil War. The characters of the militia make up a scene half real and half dream, full of movement and drama. The sobriety contrasts with a bright red scarf and flags. The artists also highlight the hammer and sickle. At the bottom right hand corner, the famous sentence of Buenaventura Durruti: We carry a new world in our hearts and that world is growing in this very instant.