Orihuela begins to live intensely the first Murals of San Isidro after the pandemic

The Councilor for Culture and Youth of Orihuela, Mar Ezcurra, thanked the residents of the San Isidro neighborhood for their involvement in organizing the Murals in homage to Miguel Hernández, which will fill this popular Orihuela neighborhood with artistic activity . The mayor of Oeihuela, Carolina Gracia, as well as other members of the Orihuela municipal government, also participated in the opening ceremony.
Ezcurra has highlighted the great effort that the city council, local artists and the inhabitants of the neighborhood have made jointly to recover this festival of culture that was suspended during the pandemic and that will continue throughout the weekend.
The Councilor for Culture has highlighted the enthusiasm and organizational effort for 11 new murals to be painted and for local artists and professional restorers to restore another 9.
For her part, Carolina Gracia has highlighted the work carried out by the municipality and the citizens to recover the Murals after the mandatory stoppage of the pandemic, so that everyone can enjoy a unique cultural event that contributes to keeping the figure of Miguel alive. Hernandez.
Poetic recitals, concerts, dramatized routes, workshops, sports, children’s games, street parades,….. complete an extensive leisure agenda this weekend designed to fill the San Isidro neighborhood with life, music and color.

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