The Seguridad Social concert will kick off a new edition of the Murals of San Isidro to be held on March 16, 17 and 18

New edition of the Murals of San Isidro 2018

Councilor for Culture, Mar Ezcurra, gave this morning to know some of the developments that have been organized for the new edition of The Murals of San Isidro, which this year will be held in this popular neighborhood on 16, 17 and 18 of March in homage to the poet Miguel Hernández.

“The commitment of this Council of Culture for the Murals of San Isidro is clear and convincing and proof of this is the impulse we are giving it, expanding the cultural program during this special weekend with activities that attract thousands of people and turning this activity into a cultural reference of the first order. ” said Ezcurra.

Thus, and after the success of last year’s Kiko Veneno concert, this year, on Friday 16 March will take place in the Plaza de la Ermita in the neighborhood of San Isidro the opening concert that will be borne by Seguridad Social. “The band, a benchmark in the Movida de los 80 and Spanish rock, adds this year to the Murales de San Isidro making us enjoy with their best known songs like Chiquilla, Comerranas or Quiero tener tu presencia. A first level concert that we are sure will attract thousands of people to this wonderful neighborhood full of art and poetry. It will be from 9.30 pm, totally free and will have bar service, “said Mar Ezcurra.

Another of the novelties of this year, and “with the aim of spreading this activity even more and involving all the artists’ associations,” from the Council of Culture will call for two photographic contests: A National Photography Contest, with a prize of 1000 euros for the photo that for the jury best reflects the essence of this weekend full of culture and a second prize of 500 euros. And an Instagram contest, with a prize for the best photography published in this social network with the indicated hashtag, to promote this cultural activity and that each one has the possibility to contribute their best vision of it. The first prize of this Instagram contest will be a double installment for this year 2018 of the Teatro Circo Atanasio Díe and the second prize, a batch of books edited by the Miguel Hernández Cultural Foundation.

Mar Ezcurra, also announced this morning that this year will be the celebration of the indoor football championship `Murals of San Isidro ‘on the sports courts of the neighborhood that will be coordinated by the Popular Football Club Orihuela Deportiva, who will also be the manager of the bar service that will be beneficial again, since all proceeds will be given to an association of the municipality.

Another highlight of this edition of the Murals of San Isidro will be `The Night of the Murals and Poets’, to be held on Saturday, March 17. “During that night they will be themselves, the most important poets of the Generation of 27, who together with Miguel Hernández tell us their experiences, their lives and, of course, recite their poems under the murals of this neighborhood illuminated in a special way and entertained with music. ”

The Council of Culture will also have the tourist train during this weekend that will tour the city to bring all residents and visitors from various points of the city to the neighborhood of San Isidro. There will also be free buses for the residents of the Coast and districts.

“We want to turn San Isidro into an authentic party during these three days in tribute and remember the poet Miguel Hernández, present in these streets and the protagonist of this neighborhood. This is why we are finalizing an extensive and very participative cultural program in which we will have musical groups and DJs from the city entertaining the streets, music bands of the municipality, the Tuna de Ingenieros Agrónomos de Orihuela, theater groups, the Jesus Maria School of San Isidro, the School of Art and Design Superior of Orihuela, the Miguel Hernández Cultural Foundation and a long etc … “, said Mar Ezcurra, who thanked the Neighborhood Platform of the San Isidro neighborhood, its president Ana Lizón , their “involvement, his work and above all their enthusiasm and commitment to this activity that every year fills with culture the streets of his neighborhood”.

Ezcurra also recalled that the Department of Infrastructure directed by Juan Ignacio López Bas “is also turning up with this important appointment and is working during these weeks in the neighborhood getting everything ready. We are also going to fix the neighborhood football court in the coming days with an important performance “.

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