The Council of Culture communicates the postponement of the Murals of San Isidro by the Coronavirus

As a result of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus and after having agreed with the other groups of the Municipal Corporation, the Councilor for Culture and Youth, Mar Ezcurra, has announced the suspension of the acts planned in the coming days by these councilors, following the recommendations of Public Health and other official bodies that advise avoiding events, meetings and events in which a large number of people congregate.

Among the suspended events is the next edition of Los Murales de San Isidro, scheduled for the weekend of March 27, 28 and 29. Ezcurra has finally decided to suspend this activity due to the large flow of people that attracts this emblematic Oriolan neighborhood during the weekend. “Following the recommendations of the health authorities, we have decided to postpone one of the most massive cultural events in the municipality. On the other hand, many artists come from different points of the national geography, but, as it is advised to avoid geographical mobility, we understand that the most sensible thing is to leave this event for later, ”explained the mayor.

The Department of Culture is waiting to receive instructions from the health authorities to determine whether or not events are scheduled for next week.

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