Digitization of the Murals of San Isidro facilitates its national and international dissemination

The Murals of the San Isidro neighborhood will have QR codes to know each of the works

The process of digitalization of the Open Air Museum of the Murals of San Isidro is an initiative of the Council of Culture of Orihuela, which will allow all visitors have the opportunity to instantly know detailed information on each of the works by reading, with their mobile phones, the QR code printed on a clay slab embedded in the floor, which accompanies each work. Immediately they will receive a file with the relevant data of each of them: history, year of edition, name of the author or authors, title, street of the neighborhood where it is located and a brief description of its contents.

In addition, a web page of this peculiar museum has been developed that allows us to know the more than 200 works that decorate the walls of this popular Oriolan neighborhood and that will be a fundamental tool to give more diffusion to this emblematic cultural space, which will facilitate its national and international projection, since it is translated into English.

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